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"Is the program available in French or Spanish?"
"Is the program available in French or Spanish?"

Ideas for using the resource in a non-English speaking classroom

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Our H2Whoa! program on water has been translated into French and you can access it here:

We would like to develop versions for other languages in the future.

If you do not teach in French or English, we have had many non-English language immersion teachers use it successfully by doing all of the group activities, brainstorming and discussions in the non-English language.

The hands-on and interactive nature helps engage students and provides plenty of opportunities to practice the language. Here's a quote from a French immersion teacher that used it prior to the translation:

My kids were very excited since the beginning of the program, they participated, they completed activities at home and we had a lot of discussions. I teach French immersion and even with the program in English, we did a lot in French. The drama, suggested activities and our discussions were all done in French. They really enjoyed the videos!" - Christine Labelle, Teacher, Guelph, Ontario

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