Set up the Remote Control (optional)

Use your phone/tablet to control the main presentation
Written by Sion Lanini
Updated 3 months ago

The Remote Control feature allows you to control the presentation being projected at the front of the classroom with your tablet or cellphone.


This provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Control of video playback and slide progression

  • Facilitation notes at your finger tips 

  • Useful progress indicators, such as length of videos and number of slides remaining. 

  • The freedom to walk around the classroom and give individual attention to Apprentices as needed. 

Set up

To set up the Remote Control:

  1. On the My Programs page, click on Set Up Presentation on the main device that will be projecting the website at the front of your classroom

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions

  3. Your selections will be saved for future use, but you can always change it later!

Data usage & bandwidth

The Planet Protector Academy is a video-based resource, so please make sure you connect your Remote Control device to your school’s WiFi network to avoid expensive mobile data charges. 

If your school has slow internet bandwidth, there may be a lag of a couple seconds between when you hit the arrow to change the slide and when it actually moves.

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