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How to get your classroom ready to use the Planet Protector Academy
Written by Sion Lanini
Updated 2 months ago

Getting your classroom set up to use the Planet Protector Academy is a breeze.

How it works

All you need to do is project the Planet Protector Academy website at the front of the classroom and let our characters guide you and your class through the program! 

Technical requirements

  • Projector

  • Internet connection

  • Speakers (your computer/laptop's speakers are fine)

  • That's it!

To make things simple for you and protect privacy, you do not need to register your students individually onto the website.

Technical setup wizard

Optionally, you can use the Set Up Presentation wizard to test your video and sound after you've set up your projector.

The wizard will also help you set up a second device (e.g. your mobile phone or tablet) to use a Remote Control.

Getting help

If you have problems setting up your projector, please contact your school or district's IT support desk. For an other questions, please contact our support team.

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