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Learn how to manage your Planet Protector Academy programs and user account
Written by Sion Lanini
Updated 2 months ago

The Teacher Admin area contains everything you need to use the Planet Protector Academy in your classroom.

My Programs

The My Programs page lists all of the classes you’ve added to your account. From here, you can :

Your progress, including team points and mission data is automatically saved to your class as you progress through the program.

Other Programs

The Other Programs page lists all of the programs that form part of the Planet Protector Academy resource. You can start using a program with a new class from this page.

Want to run a program with multiple classrooms? Just add a new class for each classroom!

Note: For areas where funding is available, this is usually for a specific program ie. if one of the programs is funded, the others might not be. Feel free to contact our support team to check funding eligibility.


The Profile page allows you to manage your personal information, change your password and manage your communication preferences.


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