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Learn how students apply their learning at home through superhero 'missions'
Written by Sion Lanini
Updated 2 months ago

Each of our pprograms sends your students on fun, at-home missions to lead change in their families' environmental habits!

Missions are given at the end of a module and are focused on that module's topic. They're an important part of the Planet Protector Academy experience, as they:

  • Help students apply their learning to the real world

  • Develop leadership skills and build confidence

  • Make a real-life impact in their families

As a registered non-profit, missions are an important part of how we demonstrate the impact of the Planet Protector Academy to philanthropic donors. Help us to continue offering and developing our programs by reporting your class' missions!

Example Mission: Operation Shower Power

Mission Assignment

Students receive this mission at the end of the third module of the Keep Cool program.

Mission Instructions

Students receive instructions for the mission by video from Esmeralda Planet Protector and then through an instructions screen, detailing how they can get points for their team.

Doing the Mission

Students record their progress in their mission books, including getting points for taking action themselves and reminding their families to also take action. Parents sign off on whether change has or hasn't happened which gets reported the following week.

Mission Reporting

Students then report on their mission the following week through a show of hands. This keeps mission reporting data anonymous and means no extra paperwork for teachers.

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