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The Planet Protector Academy is an interdisciplinary, game-based experience led by a website you project at the front of the class. 

Story-Based Learning

We use storyline to create a shared experience that brings students into a fun story-world as active learners and active leaders of change. Students are endowed as 'apprentice' Planet Protector superheroes who go home on superhero missions and report on back to 'HQ'.

Arts-Based Activities

Students express their learning through fun, arts-based activities, such as:

  • Modelling hot water tanks with their bodies in the Keep Cool program

  • Creating posters to promote waste-free lunches in the Zero Heroes program

  • Writing a rap about what should go in their emergency kit in the Emergency Preparedness Squad program

Teams & Gamification

Students are divided into four teams and compete with each for points during activities and at-home missions. Students are also encouraged to get team-work points and the points system is flexible for you to use as you like.

Game Show

Each module has a fun Game Show, with 4-6 questions on the week’s topic. Students are not being tested on the materials covered in the videos they have just seen, but some of the content is repeated to strengthen learning.

The goal of the Game Show is to engage and stimulate thinking, not to look for “right” answers or test previously taught material. By asking questions before giving the children answers, we hope to: 

  1. Activate prior knowledge – get students thinking/remembering what they already know.

  2. Engaging them in learning – these are “big” questions that help students connect the learning to their own interests and passions.

Timing considerations

  • Allow one week between each session, as each week students have at-home missions to undertake with their families.

  • Each week includes approximately 13 minutes of video; the rest of the time is spent doing fun and engaging activities in groups.

  • There is a lot of leeway for you to take the time you would like with each question or activity; you may take longer than an hour.

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