Planet Protector Academy programs

Learn about our programs and the topics they cover
Written by Sion Lanini
Updated 2 months ago

The Planet Protector Academy is a suite of programs that help students explore a range of sustainability topics and lead change in their families' habits!

Keep Cool (climate, energy & transportation)

The Keep Cool program inspires your students to become climate action superheroes and covers climate change, energy & transportation topics. Learn more.

Zero Heroes (waste & consumption)

The Zero Heroes program inspires your students to become zero waste superheroes and covers a range of waste & consumption topics. Learn more.

H2Whoa! (water conservation & protection)

The H2Whoa program inspires kids to become water superheroes and help their families conserve and protect our precious water resources! Learn more.

Emergency Preparedness Squad (natural disaster preparedness)

The Emergency Preparedness Squad program inspires your students to become preparedness superheroes, helping them and their families to know the risks, make a plan and get a kit! Learn more.

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